As a full-service contractor, we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers.  Donovan Paving offers repair and maintenance services that will help protect your investment and extend the life of your asphalt.   We also offer services to design and install new asphalt projects for interested customers.  Feel free to browse through our services and find the one that will work best for you.  


Our results speak for themselves.  We ensure you understand the cost, process, and results of your project.

Our company is built upon the experience of our employees, and we take pride in the quality and skill of the projects they complete.

We want you to enjoy the finished product as soon as possible.  From the moment you meet with our estimators we will ensure an efficient process to complete your project. 

Your project is our top priority.  We are not satisfied until our customers are happy with the finished project




We look forward to working with residential customers to layout and install new asphalt driveways.  Our experienced crew is ready to install a driveway that will complement and enhance the value of your property.  Our properly installed asphalt driveway will have a long lifespan that will save you money and will be flexible in extreme climate conditions.  Donovan Paving also specializes in repairing and maintaining existing driveways to bring them back to life.  Our experienced estimators will meet and discuss various cost-effective options based on your asphalts current condition.  We value ourselves on using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we provide the best possible results for your needs. 



Donovan Paving specializes in professionally installing, repairing, or maintaining asphalt parking lots.  Whether you are starting fresh or have an existing parking lot that’s showing signs of wear, we will fit your needs.  We offer complete design and installation services for customers whose parking lot has extensive damage or is not currently paved.  Resurfacing your current parking lot is another solution that involves laying new asphalt on existing pavement.  The existing asphalt will provide a solid foundation that will result in a long-lasting surface and will help to save money by eliminating excavation costs.  Our focus is creating an asphalt parking lot that keeps your guests safe and easy to navigate. 



Donovan Paving offers line striping and marking services when it come to putting the final additions on your parking lot.  Our experienced crew is here to assist you whether you are starting fresh or have an exiting parking lot with old and fading lines.  Safety is our main concern and wish for you to have a parking lot that enhances traffic flow and daily use.  New striping will provide your guests with a sense of ease and security while also improving your properties visual appeal.  Our experienced crews use state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee your markings are accurate and comply with local standards.



Tar and chip is available for customers who are interested in a low-cost alternative to asphalt for their driveway.  Installing tar and chip consists of laying hot tar and placing stone chips on top of the binding agent.  Compared to a surface with plain gravel, tar and chip offers a more solid surface with a rough texture that provides good traction.  Tar and chip driveways can be a beautiful addition to your landscape and can provide a low-maintenance investment.  Our experience and knowledge about this service gives us a leg up on our competition and our results speak for themselves. 



Donovan Paving offers professional asphalt crack filling services to repair your existing pavement.  Unfortunate cracks in asphalt can be cause by several factors and can pose major problems to your pavement and guests.  If untreated these cracks can cause a safety risk and devalue your current investment.  Our experienced crew will use specialized tools that will guarantee a repair that is long-lasting and trouble free.  Our estimators and crews will gladly offer free estimates and ensure our repairs to your pavement meet your satisfaction.



Donovan Paving consists of a variety of experiences drivers that can haul and deliver loads to and from your project.  Our drivers are committed to safely moving loads and providing trusted hauling services to our customers.  Our trucks are designed to carry the maximum load allowable and are maintained well save you time and money.  We offer several trucking services consisting of asphalt millings, gravel, stone, dirt/topsoil, and mulch.



Our company offers repair and maintenance services to help protect and increase the lifespan of your asphalt pavement.  Overtime asphalt surfaces are exposed to various elements from mother nature and constant use.  This will cause your investment to weaken and begin to deteriorate.  Unfortunate imperfections in your pavement will begin to form and pose safety risks for foot traffic and automobiles.  Our experienced crews will provide repair and maintenance services that will protect your investment and extend the life of your asphalt.


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