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Maintaining Your Paved Parking Lot Can Help Keep Asphalt From Deteriorating

When you are spending your money to have your parking lots or driveways paved professionally, you don’t want the asphalt to depreciate any sooner than necessary. Sealcoat the top surface to protect your driving and walking areas from tear and wear. Have you noticed holes and cracks forming in your asphalt parking lot or driveway, thanks to years of foot and car traffic? Or are you thinking of laying down a new, long-lasting pavement? We at Donovan Paving employ a process called seal coating to prolong the life of your asphalt pavement. Sealcoating not only makes parking lots and driveways more durable but it also helps to maintain a smooth and clean look in the face of repeated use. You can contact Donovan Paving to discuss whether seal coating is right for your existing or new asphalt surface.

How Does It Work?

As sturdy as it is, asphalt may be damaged by sun exposure, excessive rain, and temperature changes. Many years of oil and gasoline drippings from vehicles may also cause surface deterioration. This asphalt deterioration not only causes fading, but it can also crack open and water accumulating in the cracks or holes may lead to additional damage. Sealcoating a pavement area can protect it from car fluid and weather damage in the years to come, extending the overall life of your asphalt paving.

Repair and Resealing Parking Lots:

If you want to seal parking lots or a driveway that is several years old and has begun to deteriorate already, our paving contractors will first repair the damaged asphalt. This will involve filling of any cracks or holes in the pavement, as well as smoothening out the rough areas. The seal coat is then applied on the surface of the pavement. Resealing and minor repairs may even be less expensive than replacing the pavement completely.

Having a sealed asphalt parking lot and driveway has benefits far beyond the money saved on re-paving. The smooth, sealed finish will be easier to clean than stained, cracked asphalt, allowing you to keep your commercial property looking its best always. Even more importantly, a sealed pavement is safer to drive and walk on. Properly maintaining your driveway or parking lot area by seal coating the asphalt will protect both your investment and the individuals who use the space.

Contact us to learn more about your asphalt repair options. Donovan Paving is there to give you the parking lot surface you have always wanted

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