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For those homeowners who are looking for an alternative to a traditional asphalt driveway installation, tar and chip paving provides a more cost effective approach and offers a finish that has a more rustic and country appeal. The team at Donovan offers tar and chip paving services for residential driveways and other applications where it would be suitable.

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What is Tar and Chip?

Tar and chip is very similar to traditional asphalt, but components are mixed onsite, rather than premixed and delivered to the job from an area asphalt plant. Sometimes referred to as “chip sealing”, this method of paving is not new to the industry, but is sometimes overlooked by customers who aren’t aware of the fundamental differences.

Tar and Chip Process

The tar and chip installation process is very similar to traditional asphalt. Once a solid gravel base has been prepared, hot liquid asphalt is poured over the gravel, and a layer of crushed chip stone is then spread on top of the liquid asphalt. With the chip stone in place, a commercial roller will then embed the stone into the hot asphalt. This process can be repeated to achieve the desired thickness or texture.

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Save Money with Tar and Chip

Not only is the tar and chip method more cost effective, the finished product is virtually maintenance free and does not require sealcoating like traditional asphalt. A tar and chip driveway has a great deal of architectural appeal, and the rough texture provides added traction for vehicles and foot traffic. For homeowners who experience heavy snow fall, plowing contractors do need to use caution in order not to damage the textured surface.

Expert Tar and Chip Installers

Tar and chip paving is not an option that is offered by many residential paving contractors. Our experienced crews are happy to provide the service, and we encourage homeowners to ask us about “chip sealing” to see if it might be a good fit for their project. Much like traditional asphalt, the tar and chip method can be used in a resurfacing project as long as the existing surface is in the right condition.

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