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Over time, asphalt driveways and other paved surfaces will begin to show signs of age. Whether it’s the result of normal wear and tear or it’s damage caused by an unfortunate accident, professional asphalt repair will help to prolong pavement life and reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage. Donovan Paving offers complete and prompt repair services that will help to restore your residential driveway and help to avoid a costly reconstruction project.

To discuss professional asphalt repair that will beautify and prolong the life of your driveway, please contact us today for a no-obligation, free estimate. Don’t wait until minor issues become costly repair problems.

Asphalt Repairs Due To Weather

With constant exposure to harsh elements, oil and gas from vehicles, and the damaging effects from UV rays, your asphalt surfaces will begin to deteriorate. When combined with heavy vehicle traffic or a poorly installed driveway, unsightly cracks and small imperfections will begin to show themselves. When these damaged areas are left unrepaired, water will begin to seep under the asphalt and into the driveway foundation. As this water accumulates, freezing and thawing conditions will cause frost heaves and pot holes that will begin to compromise the safety of your asphalt driveway.

Asphalt Repair Maintenance

To avoid costly repairs or complete driveway replacement, we encourage homeowners to be proactive and contact us to fix small cracks and imperfections before they become major problems. Once larger cracks and potholes allow excessive amounts of water to seep into the subgrade, it may become necessary to remove the existing asphalt and rebuild the driveway base. When we’re able to seal the cracks and fill the potholes with new material, we can effectively create a barrier that will protect your driveway from further damage.

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Trusted Asphalt Repairs

Our trusted asphalt repair crews will prepare your damaged driveway by first removing any sand, weeds, and organic material that has accumulated in the cracks and depressions. Once the surface is ready, we will fill cracks and potholes with quality asphalt material that will level the driveway surface and keep moisture from migrating under the pavement. To finish the project and provide an additional protective barrier, our professional sealcoating service will help to further extend the life of your driveway and other paved areas.

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