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DONOVANS Asphalt parking lot Paving
Asphalt Parking lot Paving

Whether it’s for small business or a residential housing community, asphalt parking lot paving provides a safe and long-lasting solution for commercial building access and convenient parking. Not only is asphalt an economical choice, it’s engineered to withstand the elements and will provide years of service without the worry of prohibitive maintenance and repair costs. Donovan Paving offers professional paving services that are second to none, and our asphalt parking lots are designed and installed to withstand the true test of time.

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Donovan Paving servicing all of Northern Virginia and areas such as Fairfax, Loudoun, Warrenton, and Manassas.

Full-Service Installation

An asphalt parking lot is much more than just a level piece of ground. Donovan Paving offers complete striping and marking services that help to keep your parking lot safe and easy to navigate. We will also install adjoining walkways, sidewalks, and asphalt curbs that will complete the project and help the parking lot blend seamlessly with any surrounding structures and landscape.

An aging or neglected parking lot is a liability to any business or living complex. From unfortunate personal injuries to damaged vehicles and equipment, any parking lot can become a burden without the proper care. If you are considering a new installation, please contact us today and let us help you determine the best possible solution for your asphalt parking lot needs. We always provide free estimates to our valued customers, and every project is a priority regardless of its size or scope.

Asphalt Parking Lots That Last

We are a full-service asphalt paving company and our attention to detail means a completed project that is always done right the first time. From our initial design to subsequent maintenance, we stand by our quality of workmanship every step of the way. 

Beginning with a solid foundation, our experienced paving crews understand that the finished product is only as good as the base that it’s built on. Our excavation process ensures a clean and compact subgrade that will provide the finished parking lot with the support needed to keep the asphalt safe, secure, and looking its best.

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